„The 4th ANNUAL MEDICAL TOURISM CE CONFERENCE“, organized by Euroevents, will be held in Berlin, on February 15th - 16th and will bring out the latest trends in the topics of the Medical Tourism industry.


The conference will begin with slot on medical tourism new trends and upcoming challenges related. Also, the topics will include the importance of cross-border cooperation in this sector and the opportunities for patients and citizens. Ph.D. Miljenko Bura has been invited to be a key note speaker in this session. Dr. Bura is a consultant in healthcare, tourism and health tourism, also the founder and initiator of the Adriatic Health and Tourism Investment Forum (AHT INVEST FORUM).

On the first day, the Berlin conference will cover the latest trends, challenges and innovations in Medical Tourism to help organizations in the field of medical tourism to maintain their leading position on the global market and successfully attract their foreign patients. The second day of the conference will offer solutions to the outstanding issues of attracting foreign patients to institutions of medical tourism and emphasize the importance of digital technologies in delivering the best possible value for the patient. Speakers of this conference, well-known experts in medical tourism industry are coming from Spain, Germany, Austria, Poland, Ukraine, Slovenia, Croatia and Greece. For more details about this conference please visit: http://euro-events.co/4th-annual-medical-tourism-ce-conference/