On 24 January 2018 from 12:30-14:00 at Members Salon in EU Parliament at Brusseles, the lunch debate on healthy nutrition solutions will take place, hosted by MEPs Renate Sommer (EPP) and Marijana Petir (EPP).

Many chronic non-infectious diseases are closely linked to the diet of citizens or require specific dietary needs. For patients, however, it is often difficult to realize these needs, particularly when they eat out. Introducing standards of nutrition for different health issues / dietary needs with “personalized” meals in the catering sector might therefore be a helpful solution for consumers. The stakeholders in Croatia with support of Croatian health ministry established an Association which has developed such a scheme and extended activities on the European level preparing the organisation “Healthy nutrition-Europe”. During the lunch debate, representatives of Healthy Nutrition Standard will present the nutrition scheme and explain the certification and control procedures. Dr. Bura will also meet EU bodies relevant for the health and tourism development in the Adriatic Region, and open the door to new partnerships for organisation of the 2nd AHT INVEST FORUM which will take place in October in Zagreb.