The first AHT INVEST FORUM, held from 11th to 13th October 2017, presented the project "Pašman" and hosted Mr Jeff Blackard, owner and director of Blackard Global from Dallas, whose business moves continues n Croatai, as announced on Forum.

The project presented by MG in front of prestigious representatives from the world pof business that came from all world has moved forward to a next step with the recently closed Public Call for the selection of the investor.

This also comes as the confirmation of success to the event organizers for doing the right thing  as well as like encouragement to continue with the preparation of a new edition, that is expected to take place in October this year in Zagreb.

"We will continue with a presentation of the current offer that Croatia and the Adriatic region already have, as well as to assist in the preparation of projects that are not defined yet. We believe that more and more money is turning to the investments of the healthcare and tourism industry, as evidenced by the recent case of big US company Blackard Global and the Pašman project; we are happy to give our contribution further more and accelerate its realisation. " Medical Group says.