European Structural and Investment Funds
What kind of services can we offer you in the area of European Structural and Investment Funds (ESIF)?

  • demistifying the idea of EU funds and providing the clear guidelines related to potential applicants/ beneficiaries to a specific call for proposals
  • client consulting in the area of quality and simplicity of understanding of the guidelines for applicants and eligibility criteria regarding the possibility of applying for a client for grants for individual grant applications
  • analysis and assessment of the applicant's eligibility for each grant programme
  • elaborating and finalising proposals for expected sources of funding needed for closing the budget of the project and service of calculating the "financial gap" of the particular project
  • development of the project idea/proposal according to customers' requirements and needs and recommendations for improvement of project idea/proposal according to industry analysis and specific market requirements
  • the preparation work of the entire project proposal and the fulfillment of the related forms in accordance with the guidelines for applicants
  • appraisal of the business plans for small, medium and large enterprises
  • designing pre-feasibility and/or feasibility study and Cost Benefit Analysis
  • preparation of economic-financial analysis and project evaluation
  • revision, review, updating and suggestions of the guidelines for the improvement of the already prepared project proposals
  • consultancy on the preparation and implementation of public procurement tenders according to the requirements of the managing authority and intermediate bodies
  • continuous consultancy during the project implementation and project management
  • advising to provide visibility and informing during the project implementation
  • advices on completing the final reports by the intermediate bodies