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In the context of our vision of health tourism, the Medical Group ltd has set the basic directions of development of health tourism by 2030, in which it gives its full contribution to the following groupings of projects:

Greenfield or brownfield investments within new trends in tourism – the medical wellness is based on preventive programs of health preservation or lifelong energy. Antistress therapies, spinal programs, weight loss programs and nutrition education as well as business relaxation treatments increasingly become a part of the culture of citizen living and attract guests to the destination all year long. Compared to the classic, common hotel wellness, medical wellness deals entirely with the specific needs of a person and becomes the reason for coming to a particular destination.


The existence of a high quality and modern health infrastructure - hospitals, polyclinics, ambulances and the like - are neccesary conditions for the development of structured and planned tourism that moves away from the massive and no organized. Modern and high quality health infrastructure enables full time tourism and development of health tourism in Croatia and the entire Adriatic region. 

Silver ekonomija

Given its tourist recognition and long tradition in tourism, Croatia becomes a desirable destination where more and more elderies want to spend more time throughout the year

The building of new, full-fledged settlements in which the older population will find the ambience that is fully tailored according to their needs is a great opportunity for getting new residents who spend part or all of the year in quality living conditions and environment ("Florida Florida"); such types of new destinations and new cities, open upalso new business opportunities and mobilize large-scale employment and boost the fast-growing economic growth of the country globally.