Greenfield or brownfield investments within new trends in tourism – the medical wellness is based on preventive programs of health preservation or lifelong energy. Antistress therapies, spinal programs, weight loss programs and nutrition education as well as business relaxation treatments increasingly become a part of the culture of citizen living and attract guests to the destination all year long. Compared to the classic, common hotel wellness, medical wellness deals entirely with the specific needs of a person and becomes the reason for coming to a particular destination.

Recommended treatments will have a stronger effect on health preservation or the relief of chronic illness by affecting them, and maybe a nuisance in normal everyday life. Part of this is hi-tech products that, by sophisticated electronics, individually recognize the type of appropriate treatment for a particular person and are easily implemented in hotel spa facilities.  
Products of this type are common in Germany and Austria, but also in other European countries where we get inquiries for such treatments in our hotels.