Given its tourist recognition and long tradition in tourism, Croatia becomes a desirable destination where more and more elderies want to spend more time throughout the year

The building of new, full-fledged settlements in which the older population will find the ambience that is fully tailored according to their needs is a great opportunity for getting new residents who spend part or all of the year in quality living conditions and environment ("Florida Florida"); such types of new destinations and new cities, open upalso new business opportunities and mobilize large-scale employment and boost the fast-growing economic growth of the country globally.

Such settlements allow for settlements and the younger population engaged in the most diverse services of such highly urban and technologically advanced environments.

Medical Group d.o.o. is in this type of project closely related to an American company registered in Washington, DC, American Adriatic Health, a joint venture company with Ambassador Care, a company that has more than 40 years of experience in care and improvement of American retirees health and beyond America.

Trust us with your requirements in this area, we will be happy to help you from the idea to the project implementation and the quality of life of the older people.

Senior Citizen Hotel in Zagreb

Senior Citizen Hotel in Zagreb