Consulting on health infrastructure projects and health tourism

The Bura Medical Group ltd as an advisory-operating team, works on the model of a consortium of experts. The experts come from the various segments of health infrastructure or health tourism.

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Together with the experienced international team of experts and partners, the Medical Group ltd can deliver a comprehensive concept that analyzes and upgrade the existing projects (brownfiled investments) or creates the new projects - greenfield investments – all from the areas of health infrastructure, silver generation resorts, new health touruism products from the area of preventive programmes that are part of hotel offer – e.g. medical wellness . The modern and quality health infrastructure also points to health security and trustful destination, both of great importance for the guests; nevertheless especially that includes the "silver generation"- the elderly population of the guests, who should be feeling safe and well taken care of. The implementation of medical health care or preventive health programs increases the reason for the arrival of tourists all year, thereby it can increase the local business and its income.

Here is the list of the services Bura Medical Group ltd can deliver

• Drafting of investment studies in medical tourism

  1. Concept of planning the investment projects
    a. The issue of macroeconomic development
    b. The development of entrepreneurial enterprise
    c. The investment process
  2. Preparation of investment project
    a. Market Analysis
    b. Technological and technical analysis
    c. Location analys
    d. Economic and financial analysis
  3. Assessment of investment projects
    a. Static assessment
    b. Dynamic assessment
    c. Assessment in terms of risk and uncertainty

• Financial monitoring of realization of investment projects

  1. Includes accounting services for monitoring the realization of investment projects
  2. Legal advice conserning the issues related to the activites of trade companies and the tax-accounting part of the business process

• Human resourses management in health care institutions

  1. Forecasting and planning of requirements and recruiting of staff (publication of ads and tenders, selection, employment and manager contracts, resolutions related to employment)
  2. Criteria determination of labour efficacy
  3. Motivation
  4. Time management strategy
  5. Education organization
  6. Team development
  7. Stress and stress management
  8. Making the work regulation

• Restructuring health institutions / company – in order to increase the business efficiency

Restructuring of the institution / company is a process of the structure change to achieve the optimal structure which is the one that provides maximum efficiency and enables maximizing of the owner's property.

The beginning of the process starts with the establishment of identity, mission and goals of institution that depend on the institutuion owners. After defining the identity, mission and goals it is necessary to define the elements of the strategy, which indicate:

  • Strategy of the company/institution
  • Operational policies of the company/institution
  • The structure of the company/institution

Basic Goal:

  • Maximizing the owner's property
  • Maximizing the value of the institution/company

Restructuring content:

  1. Changes in business strategy and development
  2. Changes in performance in the sales market
  3. Changes in production program
  4. Changes in organizational structure
  5. Changes in number and qualification structure of employees
  6. Changes in financial structure of the company

• Business analysis – condition for understanding reality and planning the future

  1. Understandings of the totality of company potential
  • Analysis of the financial situation
  • Diagnosis of status and performance of operating business
  • The analysis of credit standing
  • Realization of models of optimal capital and assets structure according to the criteria of profitability and safety
  • Financial planning and forecasting
  1. Diagnosis and secretion of the relevant steering problems of the current state and enabling:
  1. Selection of effective strategies for preserving and strengthening the capacity of development
  2. Setting up of operational tasks in line with the strategy and the efficient execution
  1. Creating a basis for effective strategic and effective management
  1. Identification of the sources and rules of preparation of the empirical material as analytical background
  2. Setting up the system for monitoring the exercise of strategic goals and operational execution of planning tasks
  3. Introduction of elections, proposing corrective measures to management
  4. Proposing methodology of analysis and presentation of policy analysis

• Market research

We offer plenty of researches on various market aspects.